Beauty – Review – Benefit “That Gal” Primer

Makeup samples are like the prize at the bottom of the cereal box, except better. But you know what’s better than a sample?

A whole big box of them.

One of my best friends gets Birchbox. She sorts through each month’s box, keeps what she wants, needs, and knows how to use, and mails me the rest. What was in her latest package? Mascaras, lip products… and this little nugget.

Full disclosure – I normally don’t use primers (except for film/stage work); when I’m outdoors, I use sunscreen instead. I got this sample right before I was about to go into tech week for the play “Top Girls.” I used it for the duration of the run, and I really liked it. The director wanted my character to be absolutely flawless looking; I needed something that would keep my makeup from being sweated off, or fading under the stage lights. This stuff seems to do the trick.

(the full-size version)

Benefit – That Gal: The Rundown

  • Use – I put a little bit in the palm of my hand, and then apply it all over my face. It goes on soft and smooth — almost more like a lotion than a primer. I then continue with the rest of my makeup application.
  • Benefits – Benefit bills itself as a silicon-free, brightening primer. It didn’t feel slimy, like silicone primers sometimes do, and I found that it did, indeed, brighten up my skin tone. It made the application of normal makeup go on a bit more evenly, and I really enjoy that it didn’t make me break out.
  • Where to Buy – You can find the full-size version of Benefit’s That Gal on Sephora or Amazon.
  • Price – between $29 and $35, depending on where you buy it.
  • Additional Notes – If you’re not sure that you need a primer, I’m not sure that you need to buy this. Do more research. (Do you.) But if you’re in the market for one, this one is great. Even better, use a sunscreen. (I use primers indoors, but sunscreen is my holy grail.)

Have you used Benefit’s That Gal? Or do you have another primer that’s absolutely essential to your makeup routine? Let us know in the comments section below.



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    Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing this review. I haven’t used many Benefit products before, other than the famous High Beam, so it was good to read your opinions on That Gal. It’s great that this product helped you look and feel your best for your performance on stage.

    Also, thanks so much for adding me on Bloglovin’ and taking the time to visit my blog. I’ve added you too and hopefully we can stay in touch!

    Happy New Year!

    Saba x

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