In Praise of Yoga Pants

It’s time to fill our favorite day with our favorite things: writing, wine, side projects, girlfriends, and yoga pants.

Yoga pants are fashion’s jack-of-all-trades. A late-night rooftop party at The Standard, the filmmakers lounge at the LA Film Festival, and practically anywhere in NYC below 14th street? An evening gym session? A night in, cooking and writing with your best girlfriends? Whatever you’re up to, yoga pants have got you covered…

THREAD DETECTIVES - Style - In Praise of Yoga Pants - Kim Kardashian in Yoga Pants

(Kim K in a ThreadDetectives’ #FRIDAYFAVORITE)

Yoga Pants; a How-To

Yoga pants have got you covered… when styled smartly. What are our three favorite ways to wear yoga pants?

  1. with a leather jacket – cruising through JFK in her leather jacket, sunnies, high tops, and yoga pants, model Candice Swanpoel (via DailyMail) knows how to do it. THREAD DETECTIVES - Style - In Praise of Yoga Pants - Candice Swanpoel at JFK via DailyMail
  2. with an oversize button-down – fellow model/master of travel style, Gigi Hadid (via WhoWhatWear), pairs yoga pants with an oversized men’s button-down. THREAD DETECTIVES - Gigi Hadid oversize button down and yoga pants
  3. to the gym – or to yoga. Kim K (above) wears yoga pants as they were originally conceived: while working out.


Note – When we talk about wearing yoga pants outside of your house, or the gym, we’re not referring to insane prints like tye-dye, leopard, or lizard. I mean, do you. But when ThreadDetectives talks yoga pants, we’re generally of the opinion that yoga pants are like leather jackets: best bought black.


Have a favorite way to style yoga pants? A yoga-pants post on your blog? Let us know yoga pants-obsessed editor know in the comments section below. We’re always in search of a better way to wear our #FRIDAYFAVORITES.



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