Review // Marc Jacobs Mini-Haul, Part I – Eyeliner

You’ve just spent a long day at work… when one of your work friends comes up to you. “Hey, my friend works at Sephora corporate,” she says. “And she gave me a whole bunch of Marc Jacobs makeup. Have some!”

THREADDETECTIVES - Beauty - Review - Marc Jacobs - Eyeliner - BROWNOUT - from MJ site

Uh, yes please.

I ended up choosing a dark brown eyeliner and a lip gloss in dark pink. This is my first experience with Marc Jacobs’ makeup. And goodness knows I love trying new things.

“Pick a lip gloss, and an eyeliner.”

When it came to the eyeliners, I almost went with this crazy teal, because hey, when are you going to buy yourself teal eyeliner? But reason prevailed, and I went with the most “normal” color she had: BROWN(OUT).

THREADDETECTIVES - Beauty - Review - Marc Jacobs - Eyeliner - BROWNOUT

As you can see above, it comes in a pretty (albeit hard-to-photograph) package. It’s like a big, silver pencil, and will definitely look cute on my makeup table.

Marc Jacobs Highlighter Gel Crayon (eyeliner) – BROWN(OUT): The Rundown

  • Use – eyeliner is useful for, well, lining your eyes. I love this color because it’s rich and luxurious, and great for daily wear; it’s the sort of dark brown that you apply when you’re thinking black, but you want something a bit more natural. A “no-makeup” makeup sort of eyeliner. I use it on the inner rims of my eyelids (and it doesn’t sting, so that’s a plus).
  • Benefits – the general (internet) consensus is that this stuff is pretty long-lasting. So far, I’ve found this to be true… but I haven’t really subjected these claims to extensive testing — meaning I’m not taking a dance class, I’m not working out in it, and I’m not running around in hot weather. This fall, I’m in a play (Caryl Churchill’s “Top Girls,” at LA City College — come see it!). I should try this out during dress rehearsals, see how it holds up under the stage lights, and report back…
  • Where to Buy – you can find this on either Marc Jacobs’ website, or on Amazon. If you’re looking for one eyeliner, or you want this specific color, I’d go with Marc Jacobs. If you want to try a few different colors, check out Amazon; as of the publish date on this post, they’ve got a nifty little 3-pack of the travel-size version of this product, in black, brown, and gold (BLACQUER, RO(COCOA), and SUNSET).
  • Price – $25+  — more than what I might normally spend on eyeliner, but if it’s longer-lasting, or contains less-harmful ingredients (i.e. ones that don’t make my eyes sting, as this doesn’t), then it’s totally worth it. It costs $25 on the Marc Jacobs site. Amazon prices vary.
  • Additional Notes – As far as function, it has a turning mechanism, not unlike a mechanical pencil. While it’s good that you won’t need a sharpener, it’s not the best choice for someone who needs a really fine line.

In short, this was a fabulous beauty surprise. (Koko — you’re amazing!) If you’re buying it yourself… if $25 for eyeliner ain’t no thang, go for it.




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    Nice! I love getting free beauty products – especially ones in brands or colours (or pricepoints) I wouldn’t choose for myself. Glad you enjoyed this eyeliner!

    • Elizabeth


      Right?! The best is having friends that work in media, or friends that get Birchbox… and then send you the stuff they don’t use. I’ve gotten so much from them. Mostly mascara, primer, and lip stuff… but regardless, it’s a great way to try new things 🙂 That’s actually how I discovered Supergoop (which I am completely obsessed with).

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    I love the packaging, great post! You seem so lovely and have a really amazing blog, I love making new blogger friends so let me know if you would like to keep in touch! x

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