The Best Photography Equipment You Already Own

It’s said that the best camera is the camera that you’ve got with you. And what’s a camera that’s with you nearly always?

You’ve checked out our 5 Blogger Camera Bag Essentials; now, let’s take a look at…

The Best Photography Equipment You Already Own

  1. Your smartphone – you’re not carrying your DSLR everywhere you go… are you? Neither am I. For those times when I’m not planning on a shoot, but I come across something that I absolutely must document, I’ve got my 128gb iPhone 6s. At the end of the day, though, any smartphone will do the trick (as will a small point-and-shoot, if you choose not to carry a smartphone).
  2. A selfie stick – ah, you much-maligned monopod. Selfies put the power of the photographer into the hands of the subject. Not down with the power of the people? ThreadDetectives probably isn’t for you. Also, have you seen the last time you had a stranger take your picture which traveling??!! Yeah, no. Selfie stick, please. (Bonus: when I want to travel lean, I leave my laptop and camera bag at home; the iPhone and selfie stick are the only production equipment I carry.)

THREAD DETECTIVES - iPhone 6 - Elizabeth dressing room selfie

(in the dressing room – Sacred Fools Theatre)

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