Yoga Pants – Three New Brands We’re Curious About …and One We Know and Love

It’s official; Thread Detectives love yoga pants. And while Lululemons are fantastic, here are three new brands we’re curious about… and one we know and love.

New Activewear Brands We’ve Thread-Detected

  1. Kiragrace – an activewear label by designer Kira Karmazin, formerly of Victoria’s Secret and Gap. Not only have they got the mandatory high-waisted, black yoga pants, but they also win the award for our favorite activewear instagram; they make us want to practice yoga in the great outdoors, and look amazing while doing it. THREAD DETECTIVES - Style - 2016 July - Yoga Pants - Three New Activewear Brands - Kira Grace
  2. Nina B Roze – Nina B Roze is a Los Angeles-based brand by designer Nina Berenboym. Berenboym designed for a variety of mass-market brands before Kickstarting her own label in 2015. Check out the HeartButt leggings (love them), and follow them on Insta at nina_b_rozeTHREAD DETECTIVES - Style - 2016 July - Yoga Pants - Three New Activewear Brands - Nina B Roze - Heart Butt yoga pants
  3. Montiel – another new activewear brand, this one by fitness guru Maggie Montiel. Their selection of bottoms is smaller than our first two brands …but they’ve got them in black, so we’re okay with it. They’ve also got them in white, if you’re feeling adventurous. Follow them on Insta at montielactivewearTHREAD DETECTIVES - Style - 2016 July - Yoga Pants - Three New Activewear Brands - Montiel

Best Budget-Friendly Yoga Pants

  1. Old Navy – ah, Old Navy. You might still think this place is nothing but flip flops and mom jeans. You’d be wrong. True, they’ve got those, but in the last year or so, their buyers have significantly upped their game. Even better than that? They’ve expanded their activewear collection significantly. While you won’t be supporting a young indie brand, your budget is your budget, and for the price, Old Navy’s yoga pants can’t be beat. Already affordable, catch them on sale around Christmas for up to 50% off.

How about you, Thread Detectives? Have a favorite yoga-pants brand we’ve neglected to mention? Let us know in the comments section below.



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