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Have you ever thought to yourself… “how can I update my wardrobe for free?” As a Former Disorganized Person©, the two free wardrobe upgrades I most recommend are “get rid of the stuff you don’t wear,” and “organize your closet by color.”

Why should we organize our clothing? So we’re able to find things. So our spaces inspire us, instead of prompting thoughts like “I have nothing to wear,” and “my wardrobe is an unfashionable black hole.” Organizing our closets makes everything we already own available for our day-to-day use. We must first know what clothing we have before we can learn how to put it together into stylish, comfortable outfits for college, internships, or whatever the work-world may bring.

When I first moved to New York City, I lived in a livingroom-less apartment in Queens, in 9-foot-by-9-foot bedroom with no windows. My room came with a double bed, and with this hulking, white wardrobe-thing from Ikea.

I don’t quite know what prompted me, whether too much time on my hands, too little money, or both. But I did it; I organized my closet by color, and I’ve kept it more-or-less organized since.

Two Steps to Organizing Your Closet By Color

Organized Closet

Step One- Purge

Get rid of stuff you don’t use, wear, or want. Or not. Some of you will need to do this, and some of you won’t.

Step Two- Pinterest

Do a Pinterest search, find a scheme that works for you, your clothing, and your space.

My closet is organized in parts: dresses, skirts, shirts, jackets, and coats. Dresses to the left, skirts in the middle, shirts and jackets on the right, coats at the end. Brown, green, teal, blue, purple, pink, red, black, white. You mileage may vary.

Step Three – BONUS

If you have a budget, even a small one, here are three things that can upgrade your organization.

A back-of-door shoe organizer. If you’re in a small apartment, space is at a premium; using your space efficiently is an absolute must. To do so, my favorite thing to keep a small room organized is a back-of-door shoe organizer. I’ve got one in my bedroom for my shoes, and one in my bathroom for toothbrushes, mouthwash, lotions, etc (it keeps clutter off of the sink). Here’s a clear one, if you want a better look at your stuff, and here’s a linen one, if you want to keep it hidden.


A belt/scarf hanger. If you’re like me, your belt and scarves end up in your closet… somewhere, and you mostly forget they exist. Don’t neglect your belts/scarves; organize them.

A hanging jewelry organizer. Maybe you’ve got a nice jewelry box. Maybe you don’t. But why put things in a box when you could be displaying them right next to everything you’ll be wearing them with. Mine was given to me, but if I had to purchase one, I’d get this one in neutral linen.

Disclaimer: I am not, by nature, an organized person. I take to organization like a cat to water. “Then how,” you may ask, “have you come by this organized life?” Slowly. In stops and starts. Most days, I am still learning. Learn with me, Thread Detectives. Share your favorite closet organizing tips, YouTube videos, and Pinterest boards in the comments section below.



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